abductee corruption, BDSM, forced orgasm, incest, mindbreak, orgasm denial, rape, slave, terror

He has to watch, he has to lick her juices, he has to suck on her clit as he frantically massages the head of his cock—

He has to cum as you rape her ass,
  rearranging her guts—
He has to cum as you fuck her throat and pump
  semen down her gullet—
He has to cum as her tits bounce up and down as
  she’s pounded by your cock, as you force him
  to grope her tits and twist her nipples.

Soon, he starts to anticipate it. Precum dripping uncontrollably from the tip of his cock, throbbing, twitching, as yours inches closer her hole…

Make him want it, as horrible and dirty as it is. Make him sick of himself and turned on by his own perverse depravity. Make him silently, they raucously beg and cry for you to rape his mother on the days

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