abductee corruption, BDSM, forced orgasm, incest, mindbreak, orgasm denial, rape, slave, terror

x0005 mother and son


Ahhhh, forcing someone to get off to watching you rape their mom. They don’t want to be killed—they have to cum every time you rape her. And you keep them perpetually horny and locked up, so they can’t climax at any other time…

What a cute little victim. He’s caged, horny, and terrified of you—as you slide the knife across the skin of his cheek, neck, collarbone… You made him get a belly piercing, and you pierced his nipples, too, golden rings dangling from them. He’s terrified, but the aphrodisiac coursing through his veins is keeping him in a heat-fogged daze.

You unlock his cage and give him an ultimatum. If he doesn’t cum by the time you finish raping his mother, you’ll kill him.

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