holy whores, orgasm denial

x0007 acapella


A nun shaking in ecstasy as she fingers herself, the holy words spilling from her trembling lips. She cranes her head back, fondling her breasts through her habit.

Her vulva grows slick with juices that run down her legs starting to quiver. Deep moans echo in the chapel—moonlight through the windows painted red, green, blue catches her legs as she spreads them, exposes herself. She can’t sing her praises coherently anymore, her fingers move faster, tries not to roughen her grip on her breast, fails—       squeezes her nipples tightly, cries out in the middle of a word.

The word "whore" flashes through her mind. She spreads her legs wider and wants to give herself up to God, she is His vessel, this vestal whore, all of this

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