How tiring. But I think this is a step forward…

I've quit social media.


I don’t know what other people get out of things like Twitter or Discord. I’m not anxious… I don’t consider myself an anxious person, I certainly try to not be one, in spite of my history. I think I’m pretty confident, honestly… But that doesn’t mean I have a vast reserve of patience for stupidity.

Of course it’s silly to expect even a semi-decent level of integrity, rationality, thoughtfulness, and perceptivity (because “sensitivity” in the English language has extremely unfortunately gained the connotation of “delicacy and respectability” instead of actual sharpness of senses) from any online community or platform. Is it the anonymity? Even so, I wasn’t expecting to see the stupidest, inanest discourse in a community dedicated to natural history, but here we are.

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