Is the #WorldWar3 tag still trending on Twitter? Probably the only good thing about Birdsite. I wonder who that guy
is killing

Kids with guns


I remember reading this blog by someone about his basic army training in the US. I think this was back in 2002, after 9/11. It was after he’d finished it, he was just recounting everything that had happened. One of the instructors talked about how he’d killed kids and mothers in Iraq, and bragged about it. The guy who was writing the blog didn’t see anything wrong with that—it was good to be proud of that, killing kids.

Wasn’t there a whole campaign about winning “hearts and minds”? Anyway, I don’t know why that came to me. Maybe I’m wondering about… war.

I want to tell you guys the funny story of “Nintendo D-Ass”. He was a guy who smuggled an entire Nintendo DS into BCT—in his ass. Charger, too.

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