amputee slave, impregnation, orgasm denial, pregnancy, slave

x0001 limbless cocksleeve 2020.06.18

Day in and day out. Just milking semen passively—being used as a cum dump by a man who does nothing more than push his throbbing cock into me and pump his seed, filling my insides. He doesn’t even fuck me, he just uses me as a sperm receptacle. He gets off somewhere else… finds me… pounds me once and I’m left helpless to do nothing but savour the sensation of his twitching cock… his cum pouring inside of me…

The days pass, more and more desperately. I train my muscles to milk him—to glean some sort of pleasure from being used as nothing more than a sleeve for this meat pole. My pussy gets wetter and wetter—when the door opens I’m already drenched. I get so good at milking him that I feel almost ready to cum just from being his living onahole…

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