This is my own little place! Do you see this glory?! I made this! And no one on Twitter can say that! Hmhmhm!

“dogpiling” means wrestling and cuddling with lots of friends! That’s all.

I learned a lot from NSFW Twitter, and it’s been interesting to see how the people there bounce ideas off of each other. At it’s best we got to see cool ideas and people experiment along with each other on a social platform! I guess Twitter isn’t really the problem. It’s Americans! Americans are the problem! Get Americans off Twitter! Heehee.

Maybe we’re more isolated here, on our own website. That’s fine. I’m not really… alone, I don’t think. When it comes to a well of erotica and cultural heritage to draw from, I’ve got lots of places. Like, for example… My friend’s slutty Discord DMs. I can read hers for inspiration, just like that! Heeheehee.

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