This is my own little place! Do you see this glory?! I made this! And no one on Twitter can say that! Hmhmhm!

around… well, actually, I get the feeling that my posts here get more views than all my tweets combined ever did, even on my old ero writing Twitter. Who knows if people are actually enjoying what I write here, but I’m enjoying the pleasure of creation instead of worrying about being cancelled. By puritans, no less! Thanks for doing the dirty work of big advertisers, big stupid morons!

There are a lot of paraphilia communities on Twitter and I think it’s the worst platform to connect with others for that. I think after Tumblr died (no! It killed adult content) it was obviously the most accessible alternative, but I think Twitter allows for so much stupid bandwagon-jumping on and dog-piling. I hate that it’s turned such a fun word—dogpiling!—into something terrible and worrying. Well here,

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