humiliation, milking

x0002 shy, helpless dog 2020.06.20

Love watching a muscular man cum all over himself. Such a big dumb dog. Poor thing, can’t even control his libido. And his raging red cock is so hard. Just want to tease it more. Drive him crazy because all he wants to do is breed. Poor thing. Stupid dumb dog.

Look at those cute balls. So full. They look about to burst with semen… You’re that full, huh? The way your hips shudder web I stroke you—whimpering and moaning helplessly, under my touch. Precum, so much, sloppy, god you smell like sex. This poor dumb doggo wants to cum, huh?

You’ve got such muscular thighs, too. Such a big, strong man. But you like being dominated? Ordered around? You’ll do anything for me, right? Hey, cum for me. Let your stringy white cum jump out of that

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