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x0003 futanari loveslut 2020.06.23

We kidnapped a cute futanari about a month ago. Two weeks in, after fuck I started edging her for days on end with nothing but a vibe in your pussy. When Snow feels like it, he just takes the vibrator out and pumps his load into her cunt… Using her as a cumsleeve while she’s desperate to reach orgasm has been pretty fun, though it’s actually not my thing. I just like to watch. ♥

I always clean him up afterwards. Kneeling in front of him, slobbering all over his cock, lapping up his spent cum and the pussy juice slicked over his cock… She gets so desperate.

He fucks me in front of her. The sound of him pounding my ass, the sight of pre dripping from her desperate cock. I get close enough to almost lick it—

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