I love Glaswegian George Carlin.

Stress and PTSD


“I think that we get controlled by language… They change the meaning of words on us to control us. Do you remember the word ‘daydreaming’ in school? ‘Daydream’ was a rebrand of the word ‘thinking’. ‘Don’t daydream, don’t think!’ Then they came up with ‘stress’. ‘Stress’ was a rebrand of ‘unhappiness’, because unhappiness, you have to do something about it, stress you just put up with it. …Then they came up with ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’. ‘Post-traumatic stress disorder’ is a phrase they came up with to describe the disconnect in a soldier’s mind when he goes from a combat situation back to having heterosexual sex.

“Imagine it—you’ve been fucked in Afghanistan. You’ve been fucked every night by a guy built like a

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