abductee corruption, futanari, gay stuff, mindbreak, orgasm denial, rape, slave

maddening… She must’ve been in so much agony ♥ her master cumming right in front of her cock, and all she could do was sit there and take it. My moans started to drive her insane and she would jerk her hips up, as if she were cumming too. Still, no release.

On orgasm #47 she started getting really desperate. I used to have to force her to pleasure me. This time, she started moving her hips on her own.

#48: She was desperate to make me cum as quickly as possible, but she had to take a break as the stimulation was too much for her. So after I came inside of her the 48th time I fingered her pussy and didn’t please myself at all. Stupid, desperate bitch. I loved seeing her writhe in agony.

On #49 she was ecstatic. “Cum inside of me! Cum inside of me!” she cried. She was actually getting into it! Maybe something inside of her head broke?

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