abductee corruption, futanari, gay stuff, mindbreak, orgasm denial, rape, slave

That final orgasm, she’d finally experience pure pleasure, after over a month of denial…! Her tongue was lolling and she was panting ragged like an animal. I fucked her even harder for that, and splattered her cunt with white cum.

I didn’t stop after that. Slapped her ass, groped her tits and twisted her nipples, ran my hands down her body as I fucked her. Made her feel good.

Oh, she was grateful. She was too cock-drunk and stupid to say “Thank you” but I could tell with the way she was milking my cock and shaking her hips that she was grateful.

On the verge of my orgasm I stopped and started fucking the bitch next to her. Came inside. She was devastated.

God, both the slut’s shrieks of shock and terror, and

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