gay stuff, guro, humiliation, monster, rape, slave, zombie stud

x0004 zombie pet


I’d really like to have a zombie stud fuck-slave. Keep him chained up and collared whilst that sweet vigor mortis keeps him hard for all eternity. The desperate spasming, jerking of his hips and thighs as he tries to get at me and eat me, only fucking me harder. Yeahhhh. I want that.

Cumming on top of his cock and burying yourself in his chest whilst he growls above you. Wondering if he can even feel how good of a fuck you are. Trying to see if maybe—maybe he can cum—moving your hips, bouncing on top of him, trying desperately to milk that zombie cock.

Crying out “good boy” as your hole tightens up and twitches around his cock. Considering letting him gnaw on your arm for doing such a good job

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