I’ve been reading about plantations in the colonies in the Americas, too. Very cool!

Yam farming is neat


I’m still alive, it’s true I haven’t written much. It’s not that sex doesn’t interest me anymore, it does, to a great deal, but so much of my libido has been consumed by my partners. The things I write, I write for myself, and no one else. I see other people write explicitly for others, they hold polls and want to see what others enjoy, layreaders and fellow erotica writers alike.

I’m not like that. I have no interest in other people except those that have proven themselves as reliable allies to me.

Ah, I’m sure that’s a problem of mine, perhaps… But I don’t see it as such. More bang for your buck—why balloon a large list of Followers you don’t even care about for hollow self-aggrandisement and stress over

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