abductee corruption, friends who do stuff together, guro, orgasm denial, pecking order, rape, slave, starvation, torture

won’t die. We’ll gorge you on enough cum to satisfy your basal caloric needs. A ring-gag will keep your mouth open so we can stuff you like a fucking force-fed duck. And you’ll get so addicted to the taste of cum and the feeling of cock on your tongue that you won’t fight anymore.

Once a month, so you don’t forget—you’re a bitch—we’ll fuck that sorry cunt of yours. Hot, rich cum flowing into your pussy—you’ll learn to worship cock, as the bedrock of your existence, as your sole sustenance. All the other girls around you starve in front you, every day—all they get is their pussies fucked, day after day, never eating, their flesh and curves wilting away until they’re nothing but a bag of bones with a slit ravaged to almost shreds. On the verge of death, we’ll cut them open before fucking them, so you can see that sweet cum of ours overflow their womb, ovaries.

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