abductee corruption, friends who do stuff together, guro, orgasm denial, pecking order, rape, slave, starvation, torture

On particularly cruel days we’ll spray our cum over their tits and force you to suck it off their nipples.

As you watch these meatsacks being raped, you’ll start lusting over it yourself. I’ll tease the lips of your pussy and brush over your clit as my boyfriend rapes the female in front of you… Do you want it? Do you want cock inside of your pussy? Your whole month will be like that, head wracked with hunger clouding your thoughts, a burgeoning heat in your cunt as you watch a big, strong man have his way with a female, the growing realisation that cock is the reason for your existence… There’s only one day a month you’re allowed cock in your cunt. And oh, are you going to cum hard from that.

After a year, you’re perfect. Hunger doesn’t bother you anymore. You even start finger-fucking the slaves as you lap up cum off their tits, collarbones, sunken

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