This is my own little place! Do you see this glory?! I made this! And no one on Twitter can say that! Hmhmhm!

people. In the middle of a pandemic. Now they’re asking for overtime from everybody. So stupid. The phallic banana flower is turning out juicy and pretty. They’re not really that slick in real life, I just wanted to make it sexual.

I want to do so many things in life. I wish I could spend more time with my friends. But that’s not possible. The curse of those who remain, sadly. Of course, I could always just make new friends, but… I don’t want to. I want the friends I know and trust. The people I know who will protect me.

Leaving Twitter except for the occasional dumbsay has been good. I’ve never been wary about my attractions and kinks before but American Twitter introduced that anxiety to me, and I resent it for that. Stupid Americans. Sigh. But it’s OK! I’m here, now. And though there aren’t nearly as many people

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