The night was so clear with bright stars, but now it looks like Silent Hill.

Misty morning at work 2020.06.27

I’m so tired. But you know, I’ve made strides in my relationship with my direct lead. Now I don’t suck up to him or anything, but we just, you know, talk. It’s good to talk and be casual and down to earth with the managers you can do that with. Buddy-buddy up to them and make them feel at ease around you, make them feel less like they have to be a manager and maybe even afford to be a person for once, yeah? Then they let you get away with slacking off a lot more! Hahaha!

We discussed foreign affairs for a bit. Well, I did. I did the talking. It’s good to stay informed about these things. Matter-of-fact but friendly, so you’re knowledgeable, and maybe slightly intimidating but not adversarially so.

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