The night was so clear with bright stars, but now it looks like Silent Hill.

My flatmate messaged me on Discord. She told me she tried out my new vibrator wand and came with it. Good for her. “I like this one a lot more because it’s quieter [than the old wand]”.

My older partner—ah, what pseudonym did I give him here?!—put an app blocker on my phone so that I can’t look at Ex Hentai for two days and also put strict locks on Twitter so I can’t practically use it to look at porn. (Maybe tweet porn but not peruse it.) He did that ‘cos the stupid Twitter was frustrating me again and to encourage me to um, have more sex with him. It’s a lot better than it sounds! He’s not controlling—not in a way that I dislike. I like the fact that he looks out for me and takes care of me like that. Same with Snow. I… I appreciate it. Someone’s thinking of me. And they don’t do things that I wouldn’t consent to.

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