I’ll write porn when I feel like it. So far, I’ve been pretty satisfied having kinky af sex with my boyfriends and not
about it,



I haven’t written here in a while. But I assure you! I’ve been having plenty of sex. ♥ I just… haven’t been writing about it. Actually, too busy catching up with a lot of things. And just spending time with my boyfriends. ♥ And working… Yeah…

Actually, since I’ve been considerably less stressed, my libido and overall interest in sex has tanked. Now if only I could rid of my libido entirely! I’m more interested in combat than sex… Not sorry!

We had wanted to attend CombatCon this year, but put off making reservations after SARS-CoV-2 started to spread. I hope we can attend next year. I would like to take a Polish sabre fencing class taught by Richard Marsden, and try Native American Martial Arts…

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