Wow. I don’t need to rape something and kill it and rape it again. That’s so weird.

Less horny


My libido has tanked in the past week. For along time I’d settled into a routine of masturbating as soon as I get home, masturbating because I’m too horny to fall asleep, masturbating as soon as I wake up, masturbating before going to work, fighting the urge to masturbate at work… And now I have barely any libido at all? It’s really strange. My body doesn’t have that need anymore and I’m like… OK, I guess I’ll go reduce one of my stocks to a fond? Be productive? Live like some kind of animal that isn’t constantly in heat? It’s so weird! But it’s nice.

I used to write a lot of porn in various places on the Internet (even got paid for it!) but now, I don’t really have it in me to do that. I still like sex, still interested in the kinks and things that attract me. But it’s nice to be not horny for once. Maybe all that was stress.

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