How tiring. But I think this is a step forward…

As for Twitter? I’ve never really written anything for views or reactions, except maybe for the occasional laugh (always my own). I follow only accounts whose content interests me. I thought I’d be safe on the corners of NSFW Twitter I lurk in, but no—some horny dumb girl I follow (it turns out it’s not a character she plays—she’s actually that stupid) of course had to post something unscientific and hateful about unchosen sexual attractions.

It’s so unfortunate that almost everything has to be on Twitter, or Instagram, or Facebook nowadays. It’s all garbage now. Platforms and media that encourage the shallowest of thought-vomit, and that’s just—that’s just the Internet now. I hate it.

But more than that? I hate people. Why can’t they be better? Stupid idiots.

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