abductee corruption, futanari, gay stuff, mindbreak, orgasm denial, rape, slave

the begging disbelief of our little futanari loveslut. I hadn’t cum that hard fucking a woman in a while. She broke. The girl I’d fucked was sobbing and crying.

I undid our futanari’s shackles and she started rage-raping the girl. Even though she couldn’t cum, she didn’t care. She wasn’t speaking like a human anymore. She was just… ravaging the girl like some kind of animal. Grabbing her hips so tight she left marks and forcing her newfound bitch to shuddering orgasm after orgasm on her turgid cock.

The sight got me so hot…! I couldn’t help but get off to it ♥ I came ♥ and I took off the cockring around her cock so she could cum.

I asked her if she liked raping her. She said yes. She loved raping. So she came four more times…

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