abductee corruption, friends who do stuff together, guro, orgasm denial, pecking order, rape, slave, starvation, torture

stomachs. You go down on slaves full of cum, eating out their pussies to the point where some of them even orgasm against their will, their starving bodies thrashing against you.

You readily swallow cock more for pleasure. The ring-gag isn’t needed anymore, you suck out every last drop of semen out of that urethra. We let you go.

You have your own slaves now. Every morning you take your vitamins, then go down to the cellar and suck each and every man you’ve captured to oblivion whilst furiously fingering your drenched pussy. Other times you have them fuck your cunt and you scoop the cum out with your hands, eating it off your palm and licking your fingers.

Everything about your life has turned for the better, ever since you learned that your sole purpose in your life was to guzzle cum.

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